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I was stressed out. Burned out. In a funk. Done.

My daughter left a note on my pillow one night before bed, but didn’t say a word. And she didn’t need to. The note said it all. And it was all that I needed.

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Dear Dad Note Page 2

How quickly things change

Why was I so stressed out?

Well, our lead sales guy left for another company. A few weeks later, he poached our #2 guy. Our #3 guy wanted to do something else, so we parted ways with him. And our #4 salesperson had a medical issue and could no longer work.

Within a few weeks, our entire sales team was gone.

I spent many late nights on the phone with Monika, our COO. Without a sales team, who handles all of our inbound demo requests? How do we keep up? Do we replace the team like we had it or change things up?

Basically, now what?!

Monika and Alexis, a marketing person on our team, stepped up to handle the demos we already had on the schedule. They did remarkably well. Go team!

I recorded a short demo video and added it to our website. That way, people could watch it instead of scheduling a demo right away. This worked really well. In fact, it was one of the best changes we made.

We were forced to react quickly, which made all of this super stressful at the time. But looking back, our sales numbers never missed a beat and we continued to grow, almost like nothing ever happened.

We eventually hired another salesperson, Mark. He ended up being one of our best hires.

Crisis adverted.

The hidden side of business

This is the stuff that people on the outside don’t see. They see the awards, hear the podcast interviews, and applaud the “overnight” success story and eventual acquisition. It looks easy.

Honestly, if I knew what it really took to build a company, I’m not sure I would have started one in the first place. But I did.

And I’m a better person for it. And so is Ella.

She’s seen firsthand what it really takes to build a company. It’s not easy.

But yet when I ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, her answer:

“I’m going to be an entrepreneur.”

Go get ’em, Ella. You’ve got this.

I’ll be ready to put a note on your pillow when you need it most. I owe you.

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